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As we all know that taking alcohal now has become a fashion. I used fashion, actually this fashion is not like clothes, jewellry etc. This is a different type of fashion. In this stage a person who may be a man usually, but it is not always true. In some high societies, femals are also take alcohol. Its OK.

But our question is still stand that, “why people take wine/alcohol”. Actually, as per my best knowledge every one in our society wants to be happy. If anyone thinks this, Nothing is bad. But problem is this, that the person forgets his naturality, his originality.

Generally we follow our idols in our life. When we see our Idols taking alcohol, or/and we find the rich people using alcohol, we also think that this is good for happy life.

As, I personally discussed with many people, who takes alcohol, they let me know, that they like to take alcohol. It helps them to forget all problem, removing stress and it sets them mind free.

Now, this has no issue, when are they taking alcoho. They take in happy moments and also take this in sorrow moments.

You can find people taking this in Marriages, Birthday’s party and other functions, but you can find them taking alcool after burriel of any near or dear.

We found that some young age boys also take alcohol just for enjoyment. They dont have any special happy feeling neither any sorrow feeling, But using alcohol creats bonding with friends and provide them a get-together.

Many persons who works hard thinks that alcohol helps them to release tiredness, stress and other body pain problems. Other user like your age boys and girls want to enjoy their life without problems and stress, and they through parties, where alcohol is basic demand. They take alcohol and feel free, like they are flying in the sky. This feeling is very bad, this takes them to a dangerous road.

Actually this is very bad, when we try to find all relax and solutions of our life in alcohol. Sometime it creates great problems in our life.

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