Generic Medicine Cheaper

Generic Medicine Cheaper medicine

Dear friends, Whenever we hear this word “Generic Medicine”, you always think, what is this? What is the means of Generic. Is it a kind of medicine or Brand name.

Ok, I let you know. Actualy Generic Medicines are same as Branded Medicines. About branded medicines, you always hear from doctors, medical stores owner and you must have seen in advertisements too. But there is no advertisements for Generic Medicine. These medicines are same in salt, same in effect and also same in side effect.

Now new question arises, then what is the difference. Generic Medicins are prepared with same salt after a long and important researches and studies a salt got ready for specific desease. To privde this to people it is changed into medicine.

Renowned brands and companies have the rights to decide the prices of medicines but as per the Government Rules and Regulations, Government has the right to interference in price of Generic Medicines. Government has also control to decide the price of Generic Medicines. In the supervision and direction by a special society laid down by Government, the price of Generic Medicine’s are fixed.

Generic Medicine Cheaper medicine in price

Generic Medicines are very cheaper in price than branded medicines. Because companies do not spend any money on advertisement and also do not provide money or other faciliies to Doctors. These type of medicines reach directly to patients.

So it is very helpful and cheaper than branded medicine to common men and poor people of country.

Why people don’t know about this

We all know that there are many exclusive medicine stores in every city, because of their profit they want to sale costly medicine. Usually no-one try to advertise this in favour of common people. Because of this un-awareness a nexus of Companies, Doctors and medical stors constrain people to purchase costly medicines.

How to know the difference between Branded and Generic Medicines

Look, If you find a huge difference in price of same type of medicine, it is just because, one is Generic. Branded Medicines are much-much costlier then Generic Medicins. You can also use some Mobile App to know the status of medicins like Healthkartplus and Pharma jan-samadhan and can purchase cheaper and effective medicines too.

Benefits of Generic Medicines

As, you know the Generic Medicines are cheaper then Branded Medicines. Because they reaches to us without publicity and high tax expense.

Government fix the price of these medicines.

These medicines have same effect as Branded Medicines. Then why to purchase Branded Medicines, if we can get same effects’s medicine in cheaper price.

Why to promote Generic Medicines

In india, where more then 65 percent people are deprived from necessary and needful medicine. It is a brutality to constrain poor and helpless people to purchase costly medicines.

Due to costly medicines many families have to forced to sell their ornaments and houses too. It must be the constitutional and fundamental right of every person to get the Budget Medicine.

Government’s Step to promote Generic Medicines.

As we all know that our prime minister Sh. Narendra Modi has taken many usufal and effective steps to promode Generic Medicines. He has been emphesizing to purchase Generic Medicines.

In our country the prices of Drugs are controled by Drug Price Control Orde (DPCO, a Govt organisation) uner National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority.

DPCO also keeps tracking on the price of other medicine. The price of unlistid medicines must not be increased more then 10% in a year.

Taxes are very low to keep this type medicines cheaper.

Obstacle in the promotion of Generic Medicines.

Usually doctors write costly medicines and becasue of this medicine companies earns a lot and anather words Robs a lot. Doctors get the high-commision on these medicines.

So becuase of these conspiracy common men lost everything.

So we all must think about this and everyone must contribute to spreadout this information. It can help to save thousands of lives.




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